Monday, 29 August 2011

NOTD - The quest for the perfect purple continues...

Hi all!

I can't get enough purple at the moment. Don't know why. It's always been one of my favourite colours, not just in nails, but I've really had a thirst for purple nails over the last few weeks. This is also another Accessorize polish, Purple Dream. I applied three coats, mattefied it, then shiniefied the tips (made up words FTW). It applied well, was less sheer than the other Accessorize polishes with the same formula but was a little bit draggy so you need to load your brush up well.

Close up to see pretty violet and blue micro glitters

I was happy with this manicure, and even slapped some glitter over to keep it going an extra day (post on that to come...). Until I took it off and found it had turned my nails GREEN! Green? From purple polish? Worst staining I've ever had too. I was considering naked nails for a few days because of the terrible peeling I'm getting (you can see some of it on the pic below, and that's not even the worst of it) so I think it was lifes way of telling me I can't go unpolished.


What's the worst staining you've ever had? How do you solve it? And as for peeling, any remedies? I'm trying to moisturise as much as I can, and I'm using nail envy as my basecoat. I can't get any acetone free polish remover anywhere near me atm, but when I next go into town I'll try and get some. I've also chopped a few of my nails and I'm going to keep them shorter until the splits grow out. I know you should file a split out, but I can't if they're lower than the nail bed. LeSigh.

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  1. I have dreadful problems with splitting and peeling. One tip is always file in one direction to try not to damage the nail which can let in air which leads to splitting. Also I use Sally Hansen's Moisturising nail polish remover which does contain acetone but I find the non-acetone remover is sticky and dries my nails out big time. I don't know if this is good nail keeping but whenever I get a flaky bit of nail I peel it off, even if it is below the quick, file the surface to make it even, buff it etc then use an extra coat of basecoat each time until it grows out. My nails are getting better so hopefully I'm doing something right! I hate when polishes stain :( I find it particularly bad with Accessorize's Mermaid and Missguided's Misstique, although I've yet to be stained by a purple! Maybe try an extra coat of basecoat next time? Could be a lost cause :( xxx

  2. I have been fighting splitting and peeling of my thumbs and index fingets for months. I think it is from frequent wadhing of my hands. I work in a dialysis facility. I know how frustrating it is.

  3. I get stains with any black polish even when I use a base, as for peeling ive been using Sally Hansen miracle cure it's a blue bottle with a gold cap and it said on the package guaranteed to stop splitting, I think it's working well I hardly have any now.

  4. Oh no, what a disappointment! The purple looked lovely but that staining is ridiculous.
    I usually use a clear strengthening coat then a pink base coat before applying dark colours.
    As for splits and peels, hmm, I used to have terrible problems with them but I started using nail cream and "smoothing"/"buffing" my nails with a 4 in 1 file whenever I start to get peels. I still get them occasionally but not as much.


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