Friday, 26 August 2011

NOTD - I don't wanna see your Peacock...


Today I have a fail of a polish to show you. I swear it wasn't my fault, I wanted to love this polish, I love the colour but it wasn't to be. 17 Fast Finish Peacock is a pretty turquoise metallic. But that is where the "good" points end. Firstly, it was super sheer. 4 coats and there was still VNL under some lights. Secondly, the colour just didn't suit me, not the polishes fault I'll admit, but I think I was expecting more teal and less green. Thirdly, 17 weren't joking when they called it fast finish - it was too bloody fast! After the first coat the polish started drying on the brush before I even got it anywhere near my nail so it was draggy and streaky and a pig to apply. There were even a few lumps in there. Ew. But, I somehow managed to get sheet marks and wrinkles, even though I didn't go to bed until at least 2 hours after I finished painting. Finally, I got a duff brush. I was pretty unhappy with this mani from the word go, but I wore it for a day and didn't have time to change it last night, so to be able to bear it another day I did what I do best and shattered all over it.

A coat of MUA Nail Quake in Broken Arrow and order was restored. I even think it looks kind peacock feathery, doesn't it? And I got lots of positive comments on it at playgroup today. I swear all the other Mums think I'm bonkers. They might have a point...

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  1. lol, I hate when polishes fail. But, your mani turned out really cute! :)

  2. is there a problem with your layout or you wanted it to be like this? anyway, this is gorgeous. you didnt want to be like that, but this is another winner for the mua broken arrow xx


  3. i love the outcome!! And i also have a problem viewing your layout :/

  4. Liloo and Jacki, do you use Firefox? I just checked ff, crome and ie and the only one where I can see a problem is ff :/ Thanks for letting me know, I'll look into it.

    Thanks for your lovely comments x

  5. Shame! But the blue and purple do look great together!

  6. I love the purple shatter coat!

  7. I LOVE the finished look - but you probably already know I'm a fan of the ol' crackle effect! Definitely reminds me of peacock colours - very pretty :)

    I'm currently wearing a really cool silver colour, with the blue MUA Pro nail quake over the top - love it!

  8. Looks gorgeous . I love it .


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