Saturday, 6 August 2011

NOTD - Accessorize Aztec - Orly Space Cadet Dupe


Today I have to show you Accessorize Aztec, which apparently is a dupe for Orly Space Cadet (As Pink Spice was a dupe for MAC Bad Fairy - any other Accessorize dupes?). I'm not particularly mad over dupes - I like a polish for it's colour, not the fact that it's trying to look for something else. But I had admired Space Cadet on other blogs so when I heard it had a dupe I picked it up. Like I needed an excuse...

Aztec is multichrome particles (not glitter - not sparkly enough, but small 'bits' if that makes sense) suspended in a sheer teal base. At different angles you can see green, gold, bronzey-rose and purple, so very purdy! I tried to capture it as best I could on a non-sunny (read monsoon downpours and thunderstorms) British summer day.

I initially did 2 coats of this polish, but had to add another the morning after I did it as it was patch city. It is a tricky one to apply as the very sheer base dries quickly so it can drag if you're not quick enough, and is patchy as a result. But three coats was fine for me. It's a teeny bit gritty, which top coat would solve. But I didn't use any and it still lasted 2 days on me with just a little tipwear. With top coat it would have been even better. 2 days on me is good for any polish!

No, I haven't become a hand-model for tabasco! I submitted this picture into Liquid jelly's FFAN (Friday Food and Nails) post, for a bit of fun! Every week she is going to posting a collection of people's nails showcased with food, so take a look at this weeks pics here, and here's info on how to submit an entry for next week.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. I've got a pretty stamping mani to show you tomorrow :)

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  1. Now that is a really nice shade!

  2. I absolutely love it when UK brands appear on blogs ... I hate falling in love with a brand from abroad and paying loads on postage! this is gorgeous!!! Thank you so much for sharing this sweetie - I don't own any Accessorize polishes... that's mainly because - ive never really seen them swatched - however i know what im looking at next time im in super drug! xxx hope you well

  3. This is so pretty, it looks like an oil spill kind of? :) In a good way though xxx

  4. Ooh this is the other one I've got that's missing from my Accessorize post! I won it in a giveaway AGES ago, & had (shamefully) kinda forgotten about it.. Loved it the time I wore it though - so pretty :) & yeah, like an above commenter said, reminded me of an oil spill..

  5. Oh wow, this is incredible. I adore accessorize, I could live there. :)

  6. Thanks loves :)

    @Sarah Louise - you definitely need to check Accessorize out! This is only the third polish of theirs that I have tried, but I have two more on the way! They're a smaller bottle (8ml I think?) but they're only £4 in Accessorize or superdrug and sometimes they're on sale for about £2.50 :)

    I think I found another dupe - Accessorize Mermaid for OPI Catch Me In You Net and Zoya Charla - can anyone confirm this?x


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