Thursday, 11 August 2011

I really do Lily Love You


I told you yesterday that I blinged up my OPI-ish silver shatter mani, and this time it was with an O.P.I polish - I Lily Love You from their new Nice Stems collection. As soon as I saw this polish I wanted it, and I was lucky enough to find a bottle on ebay for just £4.99 with postage of 50p! I thought it would be completely fake, (especially as he had very little feedback) but I think it's a genuine bottle and the guy selling it didn't realise what he had (he must have come to his senses a little because they're now £6.99 and postage is more, but that's still a good price. Here is a link to the seller I bought it from, if you're interested). But he was absolutely lovely, had great communication and the item arrived quickly. If it is a fake, I'm not too bothered. I'm not a nail polish collector, I buy the polishes I like based on the colour not the brand, and I buy them to be used. And believe me this one will be used a lot!

Sorry for the bad picture, I just can't get the lighting right unless there's some sunshine and I didn't get a chance to take a sunny pic yesterday. But you can see some of the different sized flakies and they're so pretty! The base is sheer pink so that made the silver shatter almost mauve.

Again, sorry for the bad pic, and the crackle polish perhaps wasn't the best one to chose to showcase it layered with. But never fear, I will be using this lots so there will be loads and loads more pics to come!

Any requests or what I should layer it over or do with it?

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  1. I don't do pink or crackle polish-so I am useless to you!

  2. I'm so jealous you have I Lilly Love You!!

  3. that is very tempting polish, the more I keep seeing it the more I want to oqn it. Love the combo

  4. I need to have this color . I've been wanting it since the collection came out !

  5. What a good idea to layer this over crackle it came out super cute, love it, and Im thinking I need to get my hands in a bottle of this.

  6. Thanks everyone :) I wanted it as soon as I saw it too :) Glad I treated myself (everything seems to be a "treat" doesn't it...)


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