Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Pink Wednesday - I know, right? (O.P.I I Lily Love You funky french)

Bored of the Mean Girls quotes yet? Well, if you are, tough! :P

Teehee, sorry. Anywho, for Pink Wednesday this week I wanted to use I Lily Love You again, so I created a funky french manicure using MUA Shade 16 for the tips and accent nails. Shade 16 is a really pretty deep fuschia and has a great formula - I LOVE these products. I haven't found one yet that I don't love - they eyeshadows in the MUA range (regular and Pro) are exceptional, and I really want to try their new primer. Anyway, I digress. After my base coat I used tip guides to create a french tip using the pink polish on all but my ring finger and thumb on which I painted the whole nail, then once they were dry I added 2 coats of I Lily Love You.

I wore this all day feeling a bit "meh" about it. I think it's the pink tinge to the ILLY that was making me unsure. I think it was making my nails just look a bit stained. I did love it over the MUA polish though - such a great combination of high end and absolute bargain! In the end I decided to slap a layer of my trusty matte top coat by 17 over the top, and it was transformed from "meh" to "oooooh"...

 It softened the whole look down and gave the flakies in ILLY a kind of ethereal quality. Prettyful. If I were to do this again I think I'd do the tips over ILLY instead of under so that they were more prominent. And maybe wear a nude polish under the whole lot  - I'm not used to seeing "real" nail under my polish anymore!

Are you sitting with the plastics this week?


PS I am working through verifing all the entries for my giveaway and hopfully will announce the winner tomorrow, or certainly by the weekend. Thank you to everyone who entered, and hi to all my lovely new followers! There are now 181 of you, which is incredible!
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  1. oooh! I loove mattified flakies, pretty pretty. Last week did a flaky mani and made only the tips glossy, that was fun, but I really like your accent nail and the summery colors.

  2. How could anyone ever be fed up of the Mean Girls quotes!?

    I really like this - I don't tend to do pink all that much on my nails, but now I'm wondering why not! This is really pretty - definitely think the sparkly bits make it :)

  3. I love those! The funky french looks great especially with the glitter!

  4. Wowow I love this ! (: The colors and everything !

  5. now, hello my little hellbell uk.
    this is a stunning manicure and one which inspires me again to try these wretched french manicure strips. why can't i master i?
    liloo / @tsunimee on twitter

  6. Fankoo darlings :)

    My petit Liloo, I am crap at them too, I just have no shame and will post about anything ;)


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