Friday, 12 August 2011

NOTD - Missguided MissTique Nail Splash

Hi :)

I got the polish I'm wearing today as a magazine freebie last month. I want to say it was from cosmo but I can't remember...anyway, you can't get the magazine anymore but you can get this polish on the Missguided website for £5. MissTique is a lovely teal creme, unique in my collection and applied perfectly in 2 thin coats. I didn't want to leave it plain, so I tried to stamp over it. I say tried because I went through at least 10 stamp/polish combinations before I got one that worked. Sort of. In the end I (wonkily) stamped this swirly pattern in Miss Sporty Electric Beige.

The next picture isn't pretty. This polish stained my nails an skin like a mo'fo' when I removed it. Look away if you're of a sensitive nature...


Anyway, that's me for today. Have you picked up any magazine freebies lately? There are loads around!


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  1. The color and the stamping is beautiful ! (: Sorry about your nails /:

  2. I got this one too. Not tried it yet. I like Missguided polishes and have almost all of them. Good quality. Too few colours.

    Blues do that though. Calling all Smurfs...

  3. Gotta love the mofo! I say that all the time! Hilarious-this polish is really pretty

  4. I love this colour! I got it in Cosmo last month and it stained my nails too :( such a shame as I love the colour, won't stop me wearing it haha! Green-toned blues always seem to stain my nails :( love the stamping, it goes perfectly! xx


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