Tuesday, 9 August 2011

NOTD - MUA Shade 1 + cat nail art


First off, I just want to say something about the looting and rioting In London and around the UK over the last few days. I'm a Londoner born and bred and though I no longer live there it is still very close to my heart, and the majority of my family are still there. What I've seen on the news and heard from friends and family is utter mindless devastation, livelihoods are being destroyed and people's lives are being put at risk. If you or anyone close to you are in any of the affected areas please stay safe, don't get involved and put your trust in the country's emergency services that order will be restored. I fear we haven't seen the end of it yet, so please please stay safe.

On to something less somber (although I'm really not feeling it today). Another Monday means another PAA theme and this week it was animals - which meant either animal print or an actual animal. I'd been wanting to use this cute little cat stamp from my BM plates and had an idea to create a silhouette against the moon. I started with two coats of MUA shade 1, a dark almost black blue with gorgeous blue sparklez. Can you blieve this polish is only £1? It could have been opaque in 1 thicker coat but I did two thin ones because I'm neater that way (still not all that neat I know...) Then I swirled a mix of Barry M Blue Moon, Natural Collection Topaz and Beauty UK Frozen Kingdom with a large dotting tool and painted the moon on my ring fingers. A coat of seche (as the moon was very thick) and 20 minutes later I tried to stamp on the cat using Wet n Wild Black Creme. The first stamp, which I tested out on paper came out perfectly, but after that do you think I could get the image to pick up properly? Gah, every time half the head was missing or it didn't have it's tail. So in the end I ended up half stamping, half freehanding with a little nail art brush. I filled in the eyes as well, because silhouttes don't have eyes... And then tipped the accent nails under the cat so it looked like it was sitting on a wall. Here's the result. A little messier than I anticipated, but I still love it.

Close up of the accent nail in shade, excuse the TC over the cuticles. Funny how you only notice after the photos have been taken...

Blurred to see the sparkle a wee bit

What I used L-R: OPI Nail Envy, MUA Shade 1, Natural Collection Topaz, Beauty UK Frozen Kingdom, Barry M Blue Moon, Wet n Wild Black Creme, Seche Vite

Hope you like it, and please please stay safe where ever you are.

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