Sunday, 21 August 2011

NOTD - New Boots 17 Crackle Topcoat


Just a quick post tonight to show you this new crackle polish from 17 at Boots. They already had a mediocre gold crackle topcoat (which you can see here and here), and now they've released a purple and, most exciting for me, a black with gold glitter! Seriously I nearly wee'd a little bit when I saw it (ahem, I do have a life, kind of...) The purple is pretty, with a kind of golden shimmer to it by the looks of the bottle, so I don't have anything like it and I'm sure I'll be adding it to my extensive crackle collection shortly, but I had to have the black one. Here it is layered over China Glaze Peace on Earth, a yummy golden metalic olive green that I've had for ages and never worn. Shame on me, it's lovely. I left the ring finger plain, coz you know how I love me an accent nail.

Odd texture at the tip of my ring finger here...not visible IRL

I do like this combo, I think it looks kinda snakeskin-esque, and the topcoat crackles well, but I wish I'd put a more visible colour underneath. I bought No 7 Poolside blue (with my £5 off No 7 voucher which is Boots current promotion) and the OH said on the way home I should put the crackle over that. I didn't agree but I wish I had now. Oh well, you live and learn.

Talking of Boot's promotions, thought I'd just mention just some of the ones I saw while I was there. If you buy 2 things costing over £4 from Collection 2000 you get a third free, there's the No 7 £5 voucher when you spend a certain amount (£5 I think?) and with any two purchases of 17 products you get a free Summer Nudes palette, consisting of two eyeshadows, a lip colour and a cream blush. It's actually a nice sturdy little palette, I picked up my polish and a lipstick for £2.29 (also on offer - the original price is about £3) and got the palette free. Bargainous.

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So, I said this would be a short post but I've rambled on as usual. Happy Sunday everyone, I hope Monday treats you well!

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  1. I think I'm going to have to pop into Boots tomorrow to buy this!

  2. never thought id see crackle with glitter! your such a lucky girl!! i wish i had this polish!

  3. Ohh this looks fab, I may have to go in and have a nose, which basically means I shall go and buy this, haha x

  4. I need to get that black with gold glitter :)

  5. wow! thanks for sharing sweetie!


  6. I'm loving this mani . I love the colors you used .

  7. Didn't look at the top coat but omg, this is a further reminder that one day, peace on earth will be mine. yeah baby x


  8. p.s i love the font you chose for the main body of this blog. what is it? will you let me know on twitter?
    thank youuuuuuu



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