Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Pink Wednesday - Check out her Mom's boob job! They're hard as rocks!

Or - how to dupe OPI...kinda...

I recently went on a search for a dusty pink polish, something in the same genre as Sparrow Me The Drama from the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection. It seems that UK polish brands don't do dusty (apart from Beauty UK Smokey Lilac - can you please do a pink version!), but I found Playful from MeMeMe which is pretty similar, perhaps a little darker. Sorry about the badly lit swatch...

This polish was a dream to apply thanks to the super wide brush. I think my nails are pretty average in width, so someone with slimmer nail beds would struggle  but for me it means perfect coverage in one stroke on most nails. I did 2 coats but if you're clevererererer you'd get away with one.

Then, because OPI bought out their Silver Shatter with the Pirates collection, and because all the cool kidz are doing it I added a coat of MUA's silver Nail Quake, Shattered Ice. I believe the OPI Silver Shatter  has sparkly bits in while this is matte and sort of like brushed chrome, so it isn't a dupe at all, but it's all I have! I was going to pit some silver glitter over it too but can ypu believe I don't have a silver glitter? How did that slip by unnoticed? Anyway, I added something else instead eventually, but I'll show you that tomorrow...

Look at my poor index finger on my right hand :( Was veery sore for a few days.

I've had a few breaks on my nails, just as they were a nice shape again. The middle finger on my left hand was super square until yesterday when I chipped the corner. And I broke the index finger on my right hand so badly it bled. Ouchie. It's always the thumb and index finger that end up breaking and peeling. Waiting for the Nail Envy to kick in...

So that's me for another pink Wednesday. Don't forget to check out the other pink ladies at and you can now follow us on twitter @pinkwednesday


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  1. I just used a color kinda like that for my Pink Wednesday from Sinful was called Soul Mate. It had horrible application, though. I am hoping that Sparrow Me The Drama is close to the same shade, though, because I love the color!

  2. Lovely colour! Your Mean Girls quote did make me giggle too :) xxx

  3. I tried to get the silver MUA nail crackle, while Superdrug were offering free delivery, but it was sold out - boo :(
    I did get the blue & pink instead, to go with my purple - but I really wanted the silver!

  4. I love that colour. I love all dusty colours. So easy to wear.

  5. Really nice color and the pink and silver go so well together. :)

  6. Thanks everyone!

    @Daisy I thought a quote about fake boobs would be appropriate when faking an OPI look!

    @Heartshaped, I tried to order a couple of things when Superdrug had free delivery but I left it too late and they were sold out too :( I took it as a sign from the gods as I'm too poor at the moment to be spending money!


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