Wednesday, 15 June 2011

That's why her hair's so big, it's full of secrets!

Happy Pink Wednesday!

Sorry this post is a bit late, I hung on as long as I could to try and get a good sunlight picture of this mani, but everytime the sun poked it's head out for a nano second, despite me running into the garden like a nutter, I failed to capture it. Someone please remind he weather man that IT'S JUNE. Ahem...

So the reason I so badly wanted the sunlight for this mani is because it's a holo effort! I used Avon Nailwear Pro in Romance (2 coats) with Marks and Spencer Rainbow tips, and switched it around on the accent finger. I used Seche Vite before and after adding the tips. If you want a holo polish but can't afford ridiculous ebay prices for GOSH Holographic then Rainbow may be a good alternative. I don't know if its a dupe, I suspect the holo in the M&S polish is a little weaker, but it's easily available (I had no trouble finding it and you can order online) and although it's £7.50 that's a hell of a lot cheaper than the GOSH.

Sorry for the pictures :( I've worn it a day now and just have a little tipwear so if it's sunny in the morning I'll take some more.

Indoors, artificial light to try and get the holo...

You can see the rainbow peeking though...

Gah just give me the holo already!

Romance is a pink based lilac shade with silver shimmer. Very pretty and a unique shade in my collection. The formula was good and it could have been a one coater, but I found it a little tricky to apply as the brush was quite stiff. Other than that, no problems. It will probably be a good polish for stamping, so I'll try that soon. I'm going out Saturday night and this mani actually matches the colours of the top I'm wearing perfectly, so I may try something different using the same polishes.

So that's me all pinked out for another week. Check out the rest of the Pink Wednesday ladies :)

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  1. Love those colours - they look really pretty :)

  2. I like this a lot & the color combo . Nice funky french !


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