Saturday, 4 June 2011

NOTD - Mint Choc Chip

This mani came as a result of a big ole fail. Toyomi suggested when I posted my untrieds that I try a giraffe design, and I thought it was a great idea! I don't wear browns very often and I seem to be accumulating them, So I watched a few youtube tutorils, painted my nails in 2True Fast Dry Shade 9 as the base and while that was drying tried out some ideas on paper. After trying a few times with different yellow and white polish and my new brushes I tried my acrylic paint and that looked better so I gave it a go on my nails. Half an hour later, left hand done, it looked pretty pants. In fact it looked awful. I tried to redeem it by adding a coat of Revlon Gold Get 'em, but it wasn't as sheer as I thought it was and that looked even worse. So off it came, I repainted my left hand and then rummaged through the polish drawer, coming out with 17 Lasting Fix Mint Choc Chip, a minty blue-green. I removed the 2true from my ring fingers, replacing it with the Mint Choc Chip, and then added dots in the opposite colour in a line down the centre of the nail. I really like this mani, I think it makes my nails look longer, even though the dots aren't equal, or even in a straight line (it was late by then and I was in a bad mood because the OH had ripped the piss out of my giraffe attempt grrr).

The 2true polish was just one coat (although two on my right hand because my application wasn't so good) and applied well. They're thin tall bottles and the brush is flat but not too wide. I did find it hard to not get too much polish on the brush, as pretty much the whole brush is immersed in polish, but otherwise had no problems. The 17 polish, however, was streaky and hard to handle, although in the end I only used 2 coats (could have done with three). The brush is short and awkward, and the brush flooded my cuticles and then didn't have enough polish to get to the tip of my nail. Strange. Worked out in the end though.

I will definitely try this mani again (and make my dots more straight and equal) with different colours. I also want to do stripy nails with these colours, so look out for that!

I'm still a bit butthurt about my fail though :( Oh well, I'll try again someday. Or just buy a konad plate with a giraffe print... At least I can move a couple more polishes from the untrieds...


PS Revlon Strawberry Electric has given me some horrendous staining. Nice colour, stupid name, awful staining....
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  1. I love this colour combo.

  2. Aw I'm sorry that it didn't work out /: Thanks for trying my idea though (: Either way I like this mani & this color combination is cute .

  3. Such a simple idea, yet it looks so good! I'll have to try it! x

  4. Thanks everyone, I think it's the colours that really make it. I think the beige would look good with a pale pink too :)

  5. OOoh I really like this mani! It doesn't look too tricky to do either. I just bought mint choc chip too, so I def want to give this a try! :)

  6. That is so pretty! Funny how simple little things can turn out so unexpected! I'm going to have to wear it soon!

  7. That fail was fir the nest because this is super cute!


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