Thursday, 30 June 2011

Late Pink Wednesday - Get in loser, we're going shopping.

Hello, sorry for the late pink Wednesday post again, technology is not on my side.

For Pink Wednesday this week I tried out 17 Lasting Fix Pink Grapefruit, which I got as a freebie :) It's a jelly-ish creme, with VNL at 3 coats. First I tried to stamp over it, which didn't work. So I added another coat and went for this uber tacky leopard print :) Can't get much more tack then hot pink and gold leopard print :) The gold is Miss Sporty Gold Backstage and the grey outlines are Miss Sporty New Black

Super easy to do - blob on some blobs with a dotting tool and then outline roughly with a smaller dotting tool. Simples.

I'll take it off tonight and think I'll go for a palette cleanser for a few days. This one gives me headaches just thinking about it.

My inspiration:

And now for something cute. One of my boys was playing with a trai at the table where I'd left some polishes, and he made a "pretty finger train" as he called it. From the mouths of babes :)

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