Thursday, 16 June 2011


These are some nail related queries I have so I thought I'd ask the wonderful blogging community for some help! Please bear in mind that I'm i the UK so don't have access to some polishes in the US or on the continent without having to sell my teeth to afford them! Nice nails but no teeth is not a good look...

1. I'm looking for a polish with small black glitter in a clear base. Something like Revlon Galaxy (which I have) but without the holo hexes. Any recomendations?

2. Cuticle remover, should I or shouldn't I? Any I should try?

3. Ridgefiller or buffing? Discuss. (I'm thinking more for my toes as they're very ridged. Canny be bothered to buff them really, so any good ridgefillers to be had?)

4. Any suggestions on how to deal with/prevent hangnails?

5. Why do men have nipples?

6. How do you take polish off your toes without ruining the polish on your fingers? And vice versa... Have tried holding the cotton pad with the middle of my fingers rather than the end but I can't scrub enough.

Think that's it for now, any advice gratefully received!


PS I actually know why men have nipples. I basically boils down to them being lazy buggers. They'd look odd without them though, wouldn't they...
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  1. For question 1, try Nicole by OPI Pitch Black Glimmer.

  2. For 6, I wear gloves. It's 10x easier!

  3. Cuticle remover ; yes & no . You can always push your cuticles back dry if you want . & for cuticle remover I use the Sally Hansen Cuticle Disolver .

  4. for 6 I just put my hands inside a plastic bag.

    I gave you a blog award its on my blog!:)

  5. @Savvy Pitch Black Glimmer looks perfect but I can't get it here :(

    @Minty I'm allergic to most latex and rubber gloves, bright red itchy lobster hands, not a good look :(

    @Toyomi I usually stick on cuticle cream and then push them back but I have a couple of stubborn ones that dont always co-operate! Ive seen the Sally Hansen gel so I'll give it a go :)

    @Paint that nail Plastic bag = genius! I'll try that thanks! Or just get my OH to do it for me ;) Thanks for the award, Ill check it out now!x


Thanks for your comments! I appreciate them all :) I'll do my best to answer any questions, but if you just can't wait feel free to contact me via email or Twitter!