Friday, 10 June 2011

I'll do anything to get out of the washing up...

Just call me Calamity Jane. My adorable 3 year old son, who 99% of the time is as hyper as Tigger drinking redbull, jumped on me, landed with his knee on my hand and has done some damage. What damage I'm not sure. If it's still as bad as it is now in the morning I'm somehow going to get to A&E. Moral of the story: don't have kids.

I do have a quick NOTD for you, pic taken yesterday before "the incident". I've been craving a red for a while, and have quite a few in my collection but Harpers Bazarre are giving away a free Leighton Denny polish with their July issue, one of them being this brick red creme. I wasn't going to get any, as the mag itself is £4.20 and I wasn't wowed by any of the colours, but then I saw Liloo's swatches and review and I couldn't resist. The pic below is 2 coats od Viva la Diva, no topcoat after about half a day of wear.

I had a similar experience to Liloo as the inner cap came out of the outer one on my bottle, but no biggie. I just pushed it back on and it didn't cause me any problems. But unfortunately that's where the similarities end. I struggled a bit with application. First couple of nails were fine, then it started getting gloopy. I wasn't taking my time, just being average I guess. Anyway, I managed my two coats, cleaned up and went to get my Seche, but I couldn't find it. Not bothered, I waited for it to dry some before before I could add my second favourite top coat, NYC. 10 minutes, not dry enough, 20 minutes, still mess-up-able, 45 minutes and I would have still been in for wrinkles had I needed a wee. An hour later, I gave up waiting and went to bed, ready for the sheet marks in the morning.

Fortunately the sheet marks were restricted to my right hand, but I didn't bother top coating, thinking I'd take it off that evening. Liloo's swatches show glossy, high shine nails without top coat, but if I wanted that finish TC was essential. Then the boyface jumped on me and the last thing I wanted to do was change my manicure.

So altogether yesterday was a pretty miserable day :( Now I'm going to attempt to paint my nails... I don't know if I'm lucky the bad hand is my non dominant left, so at least my nails will be nice on that hand. Every cloud and all that...


PS I can't see my followers - is blogger playing silly bugger again?
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  1. This is a very dull red but I like it all the same .

  2. Top coat would have made it shinier but I was in such a rotten mood I couldn't be bothered!

  3. Hope your hand's ok & you don't need to make a dreaded trip to A&E :/

    I'm after a nice bright red at the moment too, I seem to have lots of deep red/burgundy sorta colours, but no 'proper' reds..

    I don't know about Blogger on a whole, but it's definitely playing silly buggars for me :(
    I've been desperate to update my blog ALL week, & it won't let me post anything. Says 'javascript void' when I try & press publish.
    Is literally doing my head in. Dunno what to do! I've tried all week & it just does the same thing every single time..
    If you have any suggestions/cures, they'd be greatly appreciated! Then you could see some of my latest nail looks too :)


Thanks for your comments! I appreciate them all :) I'll do my best to answer any questions, but if you just can't wait feel free to contact me via email or Twitter!