Thursday, 9 June 2011

Pink Wednesday Woes

My laptop is poorly again :( I'm having to use the OH's slow as a slow thing netbook and I hate it. I tried to post this mani from my phone yesterday but it was sulking so I'm late. Grr technology why you be a hater?

Anyway, for pink Wednesday yesterday I painted my nails with 2 coats of Beauty UK Pink Explosion, a yummy Barbie Pink Creme. It looks more coral in the pic but it really is quite bright pink (and sorry for only having one pic I'm trying to do this quickly before he gets out of the bath - he doesn't know about my ickle blog yet...) If you haven't tried Beauty UK yet, do. Their products are great, really affordable and I've not found anything I haven't loved yet. I should have left it alone but me being me I had to stamp over it. I used a polka dot image and Miss Sporty New Black, which is actually grey with pretty shimmer. Then because the dots were a bit wonky to say the least I added tips in the same colour. Yeah, like I said, I should have left it alone...
(Just spent 20 minutes editing this in sumo paint which I haven't a clue how to use but  the file type isn't recognised. Love my life.)

I really didn't much like this, but wore it for the day yesterday and surprisingly got lots of compliments, even from someone I met who's setting up a Minx Nail bar next to the toddler group I go to. Most people thought they were ladybird nails though. Because you always see pink polka dot ladybirds...

My posts will be a bit sporadic until I get my own computer back I'm afraid :( But please stick with me! Even if I just manage a quick post from my phone I will try to keep up. I fear my laptop truly is dead this time...

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  1. I think it's cute, what plate did you use for the polka dots? I want it!

  2. This is very cute . Looks like a lady bug .


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