Sunday, 12 June 2011

NOTD - MUA Shade 13 + Barry M Silver Cascade


Well, I haven't broken my hand (much to my OH's delight, he wont have to take over household stuff for much longer), I've bruised and stretched the ligaments, apparently. All I know is that it hurts. A lot. Seriously, don't have kids.

Anyway, I managed to paint my nails Friday night, and tried out MUA. MUA is a brand available exclusively at Superdrug and all of their main range products are £1. What do you get for a quid these days? Well, in this case you get a fab quality product. I have a couple of eyeshadows from the range and they are quickly becoming staples, and this polish is a thing of beauty. They also have a Pro-range slowly launching in Superdrug, including crackle polish, but more of that later ;)

For this mani I used 3 coats of MUA shade 13 and added an accent nail of 2 coats of Barry M Silver Cascade (which apparently is a very close sister to O.P.I Mad As A Hatter), I could have gotten away with 2 coats of the MUA but it was such a dream to apply I carried on and with my claw-hand I just wanted to make sure it was perfect. I honestly could not fault this polish! Brush: good. Formula: good. Colour: goooood! Topped with a quick coat of NYC, and Seche for the glitter because it's gritty and I was good to go.

Please excuse the swollen sausage fingers and claw hand. I can't hold a polish bottle well enough for pics, so here's a bottle shot first.

Small but perfectly formed...

Don't underestimate the claw...

How pretty is this colour?

Then since it survived my trip to A&E with no sign of chipping/tipwear I mattefied it and made it look all satiny. All together now - ooooh!

You know when they show repeats of the Christmas episodes of The Simpsons in June Yeah...

So what do you think? Have you tried MUA? Will you be hunting down their pro range? I went into Superdrug yesterday to look for it, but there wasn't a display anywhere and it was only when I was at the till that I spotted a teeny rack of MUA Pro nail polish. I asked the assistant if there was any more of the range anywhere and she said not yet. On closer inspection I realised the polishes were exactly what I was looking for - their crackles! I grabbed the purple, (trying not to dribble) and paid for it with glee! I was desperate for purple crackle ever sinve Models Own announced they were releasing one, but sorry Models Own, you just weren't quick (or cheap) enough! I did a quick tester and it's fab! Look out for a post on it coming soon, just have to decide what to layer it over. I'm thinking silver or gold...any suggestions?

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  1. Love the colour of the MUA one. Simply enchanting!

  2. I love this color and the accent!

  3. Gorgeous accent nail & the color is gorgeous .

  4. My stupid Superdrug hasn't got ANY of the Pro range in yet - not fair!

    How many crackle colours are there then? I'd definitely go for purple too - ooh I can't wait till I can get my hands on it! How much is it? I assume the Pro range isn't only £1 too.. is it!?

  5. such a nice green colour. the purple crackle polish from MUA is really nice :D i tested it in the shop lol

  6. @heartshapedbruise There is black, two pinks, purple, blue and silver and they're £2.99 each. The pro range goes from £2.50 to about a fiver I think, so still bargainous!

    @carly I tested it on my bf last night teehee. Going to give it a try in a while :)

    @Toyomi, Minty, Just me and Hohner thanks girls :)

  7. Hey, thanks for the comment on my make up monday post! The varnish I had on was Orange soda from 17 at boots, and a real bargin at £2.99! I had them like you have your nails in this post with a gold glitter on my ring finger, LOVE IT! xx


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