Thursday, 2 June 2011

Haul - the holo hunt is over...for now...


I have been very restrained over the last few weeks. My last haul was on the 7th of May and until last week I hadn't bought any polish. I was aiming to not buy any until the wedding I went to was over, and I only bought two polishes before then. And I only did then to try and get a good silver stamping polish for the wedding, and the Miss Sporty polishes were on offer so I couldn't pass the other one up! Then, since I didn't spend as much as I thought over the weekend I treated myself over Monday and Tuesday and this is what I found.

 L-R: Miss Sporty Red Tango, Beauty UK Pink Explosion, Me Me Me Pin Up, Revlon Strawberry electric, 2true Shade 8, Miss Sporty New Black, Miss Sporty Blueberry (I think), Beauty UK Smokey Lilac, Primark (no name), Barry M Dusky Mauve, Barry M Mint Green, Marks and Spencer Rainbow, Collection 2000 Hot Looks BMX Bandit, 17 Lasting Fix Mint Choc Chip, Fine Detail brushes from The Works, Lush Ltd Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter

And the holo, in all it's glory. Sure, it's no GOSH holographic, but it's a linear holo and I lurve it. It's was £7.50 from M&S.

I wore it for a day travelling so didn't get any pictures, but I will wear it again soon!

This weekend I'm going on a hunt for the MUA crackles, and more Miss Sporty since they're two for £1.99 in Superdrug (I can't believe I've lost my Superdrug Beauty Card already *headdesk*) and I want to see which ones are good for stamping. Then I might possibly make a small china glaze order (just saw Lubu Heels swatched, OMGeez) and then calm down again! Although, apart from M&S Rainbow, none of the polishes cost more than £3, so I haven't been tooo naughty.....

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  1. You've been very moderate. Reminds me to try Lemony Flutter.

  2. Jen can you please come and tell that to my other half?


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