Tuesday, 21 June 2011

MUA Nail Quake Swatch and Review! Keeping the crackle train rolling...

Are you bored of the shatter craze yet? I'm certainly not! Especially now that there are more and more colours available, at premium and drugstore prices! Last week I got my paws on MUA's new purple Nail Quake, Broken Arrow (you can see my gushy, loved up post on it here) and as soon as they were available on the Superdrug website I ordered the rest of them. I didn't get the black, as I already have the Barry M Nail Effects in black, but since the other colours in the MUA crackle range crackle differently to Barry M next time I'm in Superdrug I will pick it up :) At £2.99 I could hardly not really...

The colours available in the Nail Quake range are Jail Break, black; Quiver, royal blue; Shiver, a mid-pinky rose; Shock Waves, somewhere between a hot pink and a raspberry pink depending on what you layer it over, Broken Arrow, purple; and Shattered Ice, silver. The only other colour I could have wanted would be red. And does anyone know of a green crackle?

Here are my swatches. I applied most of the colours over my silver mani from the other day as I think silver is a great colour to showcase crackles (plus I was too eager to play with them and couldn't be bothered to take off the glitterbomb I'd created, because 3+ coats of glitter and seche vite isn't hard enough to take off without adding more polish to it, right?) On the thumbs I tried it over Models Own Garnet and Beauty UK Blue Shimmer, to apply Shattered Ice over. I didn't clean up, because I wanted to catch the sun, and well, because I'm lazy. Is there a lazy blogger award...

The formula was a lot thinner than I've come to expect from a shatter polish, which is good. Just get a good drop on your brush and you should be able to do a nail with one dip. You have about 5-10 seconds before the cracks start to appear with this one, so there is a little play time but it's really best not to go over the same area twice. I dinged the middle of the nail with the Garnet and Shattered Ice, so it looks messy in the pics, but it wasn't very noticeable in person.

I did two nails with each colour, one with topcoat and one without. The crackles dry matte, which I don't mind but as these have a lovely jelly-ish finish (apart from the silver, which is more of a cross between shimmer and a creme) they deserve to be shiny! If you did want them matte though I'd advise using a normal topcoat to seal the nail and make the polish last longer before using a matte top coat to give the whole nail a matte effect.

Aren't they lovely? My favourites are Quiver and Shock Waves (which you'll see tomorrow for pink Wednesday!) I love that the way they shatter is more linear than other crackle polishes I have and can't wait to try applying them in different ways. You can expect a lot of manicures from me using these polishes! Sorry if you're over the shatter trend, but the crackle train isn't letting me off yet!


These products were bought with my own money and written about purely for my own pleasure :)
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  1. i love shiver, i have to have this xxx

  2. You totally are not a nail newbie. Great blog. I just started up my nail blog. Please comment with advice and ideas and follow.

  3. Nail Quake? Never heard of it, thanks for sharing this! That purple cracked great!

  4. Just done a review of these myself I still love them :) have a look!



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