Saturday, 18 June 2011

Saturday Randomness - What's in my bag...

Because I don't have a nail post for you today (still rocking the splatter for a few more hours until I change them for my night out) and I'm bored I decided to show you what's in my bag. I've seen a couple of these posts, in video and photo form, and the inner peeping tom in me loves it. Now, I know you're thinking, hang on, she's got kids isn't her bag going to be full of nappies, squashed bananas and crumbs? Well, yes, my big bag is. Nappies, wipes, bum cream, spare clothes, hand sanitiser, juice, biscuits, toys, 11tybillion spare dummies, several different fruits in various stages of 'squashed' you get the picture. But I have a separate bag for my everyday things - I don't need to take the big bag for the school run or nipping to the shops so I downsized recently and got my own handbag back! And it's not big enough for a banana, squashed or otherwise...

First the bag itself. I got it at Tesco fairly recently for £5. I'm on a bit of a floral kick at the moment, and have had a few compliments on it so it must be ok! The strap is pleather and adjustable but I have it as long as it will go so I can wear it across my body and be hands free.

Now for what's inside...
Purse, a Christmas gift a few years ago. I have a bag to match which is a lot bigger so I use it more for going out for the day. Keys. Actually, key and rather a lot of keyrings. Phone headphones (I have a Samsung Galaxy S and it is sexy. It's usually in here too but I couldn't take pictures of it because I was using the camera on it...) Chewing gum, spearmint only please. Tissues. Folding hairbrush. Lipstick and gloss. Mouth ulcer pastiles because for some reason my mouth is full of them at the moment.

Folding hairbrush with mirror, £1.49 from Superdrug. Deep pinky red lipstick from Bourgois. It also has a handy mirror on the cap. This is really sheer and more like a tinted balm, which is perfect for me. They call it a lipshine and the shade is 07 Rose Parero. Barry M clear sparkly lipgloss, which I got in a pack with an Impulse bodyspray. It doesn't have a name on the tube, but is just clear with sparkles. Great for layering over lipstick or on it's own if you need a bit of moisture. I switch the lippie and gloss with a few others quite regularly, but these are my faves at the moment

My purse...

Some photos I keep in my purse: 
L-R: My goddaughters when they were little. They're great big surly teenagers now, and taller than me (not hard, I'm only 5'2) Baby boy no 2, 6 days old. The OH when we met 9 years ago (now considerably less hair). Baby boy no 1, not even a day old. My niece and nephew.

Ha you can see my swimming pool loyalty card poking out the top! And my Superdrug beauty card :)

So that's it. Not a lot of stuff in there really, and I should really fling an emery board in to stop me having to frantically rub my nails against my flies every time I get a snag and looking like a pervert...

What's in your bag? Do share ;)

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  1. Not a lot of stuff??? That's loads.Pretty florals.

  2. Love your bag :-)

    I keep a pair of nail clippers attached to my keyrings. That way if I have a broken nail while out and about I can quickly deal with it otherwise I'll just fiddle with it and catch it on everything and it ends up being a whole lot worse :-S

  3. I have that lipgloss too, lovely post :)

  4. aww! I love the pictures. =) Great blog. New follower. Hope you follow back.


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