Saturday, 5 May 2012

Untrieds Month - Petites Zodiac and Icing Lemme See Your Peacock


More polishes from birthday clubbers/springsurprises/awesome swaps today! I broke a nail a few days ago so took them all to nubs, and to me, nothing suits nubbins better than purple. This pretty purple was sitting in my untrieds all unloved so I whipped it on and unloved it is no longer! Can you say pretty? I created an accent nail with this awesome Icing glitter - turquoise, green and purple hex glitter in a clear base. I loved it :) I was at the hospital with my son the day I wore it and all the nurses complimented me on it, which made my day a bit better!

I have so many untried purples, it's quite shamefull...
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  1. Lovely, such a pretty purple :)

  2. Loving the Icing glitter very disco ball tastic!


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