Saturday, 26 May 2012

NOTD - Revlon Tropical Temptation

My name is Helen and I have a problem.

I nubbed my nails and was in the mood for a peachy-coraly-orangey-pinky polish, so I trotted off to my stash and pulled out a few of my polishes that fit the bill....

Ahem. Do I need all of these  peachy-coraly-orangey-pinky polishes? No. Surprisingly though, there aren't any exact dupes, but still.

Anyway, I went for Rimmel Tropical Temptation, a pretty coral that I'm sure I picked up in Poundland. It was a little streaky, but polishes this colour often are for some reason. I added a couple of little butterfly stickers as accents.

I was going to go for a big butterfly and a small one on the ring finger as well as the thumb, but I couldn't quite fit them on my newly nubbed nails. Usually my little and ring fingers have the longest nails, and never peel, but I took them all short to give the peels on the index fingers a chance to grow out and the misfit nail on the other hand to redeem itself (uit's getting there!) I may keep them short until stubby catches up and until them I'm lavishing lots of TLC and Lemony Flutter on them!

Are there any colours in your stash that you have far too many of? Somehow I can't quite bring myself to have a cull...I'm a collector I guess!

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  1. This is such a pretty colour and the stamping really compliments it well. I have too many pastel pinks, but I wouldn't be without any of them lol x :-)

  2. These look fab. I really like the polish you've used it's very pretty :)

  3. lol and i thought i was bad !! there are soooooo dupes in that box madam :) xxx

  4. Very lovely, and I know the feeling...blues are my nail heroin.... I love your nubs...very nicely shaped and the little accent stickers go least it is an addiction that is legal and PRETTY!!


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