Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Untried Month - Nails Inc x3

Hi! For today's post I used 3 untried Nails Inc polishes I had - Baker Street (the old version, not the hot new blue one :( ), Eden Grove and Denim. I got all three on Ebay fairly cheaply, and I actually love Baker Street and don't know why they gave the blue version the same name. It's a lovely jelly-ish bright coral. I can see me wearing it on my toes a lot this summer. I then used Eden Grove and Denim for another cloudicure. I love how long these make my finger nails look! And how easy they are is a bonus too.

Baker Street on it's own, with flash it's showing a little bit too pink...

I really like how the muted blue and green give it a kind of 70's wallpaper look... I would have kept it on longer but I took my boys swimming, which equals death to any manicure. Good for getting hair dye off skin though!

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