Saturday, 12 May 2012

Untried Month - China Glaze Designer Satin

Hi everyone!

Today I have from my untried stash Designer Satin by China Glaze, a gorgeous bright raspberry pink crème. I used two perfect coats and it applied like, well, satin. Yum. I couldn't leave it alone though and stamped this intricate twirly pattern from BM 201 and Fab Ur nails silver stamping polish. But, it was another one of those days where the stamping was more effort than it was worth and I didn't do a great job. The first nail stamped perfectly. The others didn't. What is up with that? I filed the stamper, cleaned the image, stamper and scraper between each stamp making sure all the acetone was dried from the plate, scraped lightly, scraped hard, scraped somewhere in between, but the image didn't want to pick up no matter what I tried. Meh.

Anyway, the concept was there, the execution just wasn't all that. Designer Satin is up there in my favourite polishes EVAH though. In fact, I haven't found a China Glaze that I didn't like yet.

Any China Glaze polishes you'd recommend? I'm currently wearing Riveting from their Hunger Games collection and I adore it – so keep an eye out for that next week!

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  1. Right now I love CG Turned Up Turquoise. The stamping looks great. I don't see any flaws at all.

  2. I've got designer satin on my toes right now. I wear the polish like a kid carries his comforter - you can never go wrong with it.

  3. GORGEOUS! First of all, the color is fab. Second, this stamping is awesome. I need to practice stamping!


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