Monday, 21 May 2012

NOTD – China Glaze Flying Dragon (Neon-that-isn't)


Now, this polish is a bit of an enigma. I got it in a lovely swap, but I can't decide how I feel about it. Firstly, despite the pains China Glaze have gone to to ensure we know it's neon (it's written on the label in brackets as if there's a non-neon version too – is there?) it isn't neon. The only time I could see this as a neon is when I took a picture with flash, which isn't at all colour accurate, and since I don't tend to walk around with a camera flash trained on my nails, not very helpful. The only other thing that sets this out as a neon is the matte finish and horrible application. 3 coats got it even enough but the fist two were streaky, draggy, uneven messes. And once it was dry it wasn't only matte, but completely flat, showing every bump and ridge in my nails. Weird. It also has these odd flecks of something in it – glitter? It isn't glittery when it's on the nail, but you can see blue and silver flecks peppered through it. Not unlikeable, just...strange. I can't say I don't like it. I just can't say I love it either. It is a lovely colour, just not what I wanted it to be. If it didn't have the strange formula and neon claims I would love it as a pretty purple. What do you think?


Artificial light


Pretty? Strange? Pretty strange? Do you own this polish? Would a white base coat make it more of an eye-popping neon like I wanted it to be?

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  1. there are indeed 2 versions of Flying Dragon. One is neon, the other isn't.

  2. I have Flying Dragon too! Apparently there's a dud version, I've got no idea what I have!

  3. Hmmm not sure about this. It certainly isn't a neon, I think it's a pretty colour but it doesn't amaze me.

  4. No doesn't look neon to me, but it is a pretty shade x :-)

  5. I have this color too, I don't really understand it either.
    I also noticed that it dries much darker than in the bottle. And when adding topcoat it lightens it just a tad bit just not quite what you see in the bottle.

    weird but pretty


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