Sunday, 6 May 2012

Adventures in Stamping - Unnatural Animals!


I have had this mani ready to show you for over a week, since I got confused and missed the announcement last week and thought this was last week's challenge. Oops! Nevermind, it was pretty cool anyway :P For this mani I used LaFemme Ultra Green - a pearly lime green polish which was brushstrokey and gross. Look at the colour though! I added a coat of Sinful Colors Call You Later- a green and gold glitter before stamping the image from a faux Konad Q1 plate that I got on ebay. As the image was too big for my ickle nails, I tried to make it look as though the image went across two nails...I hope you can tell!

The plate was a little bit difficult to work with, but I used my Wet n Wild Black Creme to stamp with and that in itself is temperamental. I swatched the whole plate and I know with a bit of trial and error I could get them all to work, so I'm pleased!!

I love the swallows and can't wait to give them a go :)

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  1. love it - laughing at you having to keep this a secret for a week though xxx

  2. Definitely an unusual animal! The swallows looks pretty. I can't wait to see you try them out!


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