Saturday, 5 May 2012

Nail Inc Freebies - Swatches!


Nails Inc are rather famous for their freebies! I think most of my 20-somethign Nails Inc collection have been freebies form one thing or another - magazines being the most popular. This month you can get a free Nails Inc polish in one of three shades with In Style magazine. A polish worth £11 for under 4 quid? Oh, go on then!

L-R Peach Sorbet, Power Pink, Bluebell

Peach Sorbet, Power Pink, Bluebell

Peach Sorbet was a 2 coater, but I did 3 in my swatch coz I got fluff on it... The other two however are shown here with 1 coat and no topcoat. Yummy, shiny, pastel goodness!

Will you be picking any up? Be quick if you do, they only came out on Thursday and I had trouble finding Bluebell...

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  1. Ahhh how cool is that!!! Wait a minute, i'm just goimg to catch the plain to UK to catch this freebies!! LOL Awesome!***

  2. For some reson, this is making me crave ice cream. Love all three.

  3. Ohh very pretty. Love all three, I'll be looking out for these when I pop out tomorrow! :)

  4. oh wow, power pink is a beauty!!
    liloo /@tsunimee xx

  5. :-O those are really good shades as well!!! And it totally won't count as breaking my no-buy, cos I really need 3 copies on In Style magazine... yep! xx

  6. Gorgeous, I have Bluebell and need the other two!

  7. The peach one is a bit too similar to ones I have. Bluebell is pretty but €6 is still fairly steep

  8. I got bluebell :) All 3 are great colours tho. Gotta love nails inc :)


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