Tuesday, 22 May 2012

NOTD – Shopping the stash for a new look...


After taking off China Glaze Flying Dragon (Neon-that-isn't) I wanted something soft and pretty (I don't do soft and pretty very often...) on my nails for a while. I've seen some lovely things done with the new OPI New York Ballet polishes – milky jellies and a glitter topcoat, but I don't have any and my bank balance is less than healthy at the moment, so I decided to try and create something similar with what I already have. You Callin' Me a Lyre? is the pink jelly from the collection and I decided to try and recreate it by using a coat of Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream, topped with Bourgois Rose Lounge. Rose Lounge is a sheer milky pink, which apparently is one of the polishes worn by K-Mid on her wedding day to Prince Billy. Apparently. Anyway, a coat of that over the Barry M made a more or less opaque crelly-like soft pink, not exactly the same as You Callin' Me a Lyre, but as close as I was going to get. I then added a coat of Revlon Stunning, in place of Pirouette My Whistle from the OPI collection, added another layer of Rose Lounge and then mattefied it all with 17 Nail Xtras Matte topcoat.


Before I mattefied it...

Exactly what I wanted, and without having to buy anything new! Ok, so if I had bought the polishes especially for this manicure it probably would have come in at about the same cost as two ebay-sourced OPIs (Barry M £2.99, Revlon £6.49 and Bourgois around £6) but since I had them already it cost nothing. Chuffed. I hoping that the Rose Lounge will have the same effect over some other pale crème polishes so that I might be able to recreate the grey and lavender OPI soft shades from the NY Ballet collection.

Do you have any of the NY ballet polishes? Did I get close?

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  1. I have those polishes and I am absolutely going to rip you off bigtime! Lovely mani.


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