Monday, 7 May 2012

Untried Month - Neon and Nude

Hello :)

So apparently a big trend this season is the neon and nude manicure - a nude base with neon tips. Nails Inc have been championing it and I saw a Barry M advert with one of the models sporting neon tips over a nude base and decided I had to give it a go. The base here is Color Club Nomadic in Nude and the tips are (freehanded rather wobbily) in Barry M Shocking Pink. Not exactly a great look on nubbins but beggars can't be chosers...

Nomadic in Nude on it's own. Putty on me...but I like it!

Have you tried a neon and nude mani? Yay or nay?

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  1. A definite yay. I love Nomadic. Gorgeous colour.

  2. Ohhh lovely, Love the neon pink tips. Very on trend!

  3. nomadic in nude is gorgeous :O

  4. love this so much.
    would love to see that one but with different colour tips on each finger :0) please do it :) xx
    liloo /@tsunimee xx


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