Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Tri-Polish Tuesday - red, orange and yellow #4 - glassy gradient


Last TPC of the month, so the last with these colours and to be honest I'm glad! These are not my colours! Yellow is the colour polish I have the least of, and coming up with ideas has been a struggle. I'm looking forward to next months colours, pink, grey and brown, but until then here's my last January effort.

I used completely different polishes this time around - all glass fleck - in a pretty gradient which I then stamped over. I used Color Club Daisy Does It (yellow) as the base, and then sponged Zoya Tanzy (orange) and Barielle Elle's Spell (red) to make the gradient. The stamps are from BM208, and I think it looks like stained glass. I'd love to do this again with different colours from the Color Club Take Wing collection.

I'm excited because I'm getting a hair cut today! It's badly needed after the summer purple ombre I had has gone green and left my hair in poor condition. It's going to be quite a change so if you're interested, look out on my Instagram!


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  1. I LOVE THIS! Great job, Helen! Is the accent nail a stamp as well?

    1. Thanks! Yes, both images are from the same plate from the second Bundle Monster series. I think they're meant to be the reverse of each other but they don't quite match up!x

  2. Wow! What a nice nail art.

  3. I think the stamping really pulls the gradient together! Looks great!


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