Friday, 17 January 2014

Palate Cleanser of the Week - Models Own Emerald Black


This week's palate cleanser is this beauty from Models Own. Emerald Black is part of their Beetlejuice collection of duochromes, which they add to every now and again. At first glance, it looks like just a pearly black, but under the right light it shifts green with a tinge of blue. In sun, the green really glows and makes it really special. Shown here is two easy coats, plus Jacava London topcoat.

Pretty :) The one thing I find with Models Own polishes is that they have that smell. The slight headache inducing, definitely not big 3 free kinda smell, but if you can overlook that they have a huge range and are always on top of the trends. I really like Emerald Black and think it would be a great base for some stamping ;)

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  1. I have this and it is really nice, hope we get some more sun soon!


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