Thursday, 16 January 2014

GOT Polish? Stripes!


Second instalment of Golden Oldie Thursday and the theme is stripes. I kind of shot myself in the foot here because I used purple and that's next weeks theme, so I shall have to find more old purples for that... I'm sure I'll manage ;) For this manicure I used OPI DS Temptation and Sinful Colors Amethyst, both of which were gifts from over a year ago (they have been worn though!) I then put down some striping tape on the Amethyst nails and stamped over it, creating stripes within the stamp. I used quite a "busy" pattern from Bundle Monster 201 with Barry M Silver Foil. If you're a regular reader you'll know I'm not a whizz at striping tape manis, but this went without a hitch for once! I went with a coat of Beauty UK Pinkabloo on my thumbs, which is an OPI dupe.

I like how subtle the stripes are, and I love Amethyst. It's my perfect purple :)


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  1. Those stripes are SO subtle! When I first saw the pin for this, I was like, how are those stripes? Then I looked closed and saw what you'd done. So clever! Great job!

  2. Gorgeous :) I need to try out the stamping over tape thing.

  3. Amethyst looks gorgeous! I love the idea of stamping in stripes :)


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