Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Tri Polish Challenge Red, Orange and Yellow #3 - swirly stamping


I had a brain freeze when it came to this week's Tri Polish Tuesday so I resorted to some simple stamping. I did push a little out of my comfort zone though - I tend to usually stamp in either black, white, silver or gold, because I know I can get a good result with those polishes and I rarely try any others. I have picked up a few Sally Hansen Insta-Dry polishes whenever I've seen them though, as I've heard the majority of them are good for stamping, and in this instance I couldn't be more pleased with the result. I used Barry M Blood Orange and Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Man-go Team and was really pleased with how well both of them stamped! I used Konad plate M65 for the swirls and really loved how it came out. I will definitely be putting more of my Insta Dry polishes into my stamping box!

I visited my Mum on Sunday, for the first time since I started using Duri, and she thought I was wearing false nails! I just love it when that happens! I gave her a bottle of Nail Envy and it's really worked for her. When she showed me she said, my nails are as long as yours, but mine are real, and I got a real kick when I said mine were real too! It's the little things ;)


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  1. I love this! The stamping design is gorgeous!

  2. I love your color choice and design. It looks awesome. From-Laurie, your new friend from AiS. I will have to get some SH Insta-Dry polish to try. Thanks for the tip.

  3. I love the design and your color choice. It looks like summer and I am freezing here in the middle of winter. It brightened my day. Thanks for the tip on the SH Insta-Dry polishes for stamping; I will have to get some. Also thanks for suggesting that I check out your blog. I am glad that I did and am looking forward to future posts.


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