Thursday, 30 January 2014

GOT polish? Dots!

Hi there!

For today's Golden Oldie Tuesday I used two polishes from the depth of my stash, Catrice Dirty Berry and and GOSH Holographic Hero. The theme was dots, and I tried to create sort of dotty swirls but either my dots were too big or my nails are too small and they just ended up looking a bit random. But hey, it's holo, that makes everything better, right? And I even got some sunshine to quickly snap some pics. Dirty Berry has my name written all over it - dusty purple with subtle holo running through. This challenge is really making me feel guilty about all the unloved favourites I have! I will buy less this year, I will buy less this year...

Swirly dots? Sort of... Green next week, and I've got (another) beauty planned!


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  1. I like the randomness of the middle nails best. And the fact that it's all holo!

  2. That's a really good mixture of designs - some randoms and some grouped! :)

  3. I love this manicure!!! I love the polishes that you chose and the way you placed the dots!! <3

  4. I love holo nail art. I am SO ready for winter to be over so I can have my sun back!

  5. I make mayself the same question: I'll buy less this year, I'll buy less this year.

  6. holographic hero looks so nice :D i love it when two holos are used together, it looks fab!


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