Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Off-Topic Tuesday - My Life in Profile Pictures

Hi. My name is Helen and I'm a facebook addict.

Whether it's playing games, keeping in touch with friends and family or stalking people, a day that I don't log into Facebook at least once or twice is very rare. I seriously think I have a problem. But when I saw this tag on Miss Budget Beauty's blog, I knew I had to have a look. I joined Facebook around 6 and a half years ago, when my now 6 year old son was just a baby. I remember walking to the local library with him in a baby carrier because we'd just moved to the area and didn't have home broadband yet. I felt quite lonely as I didn't know anyone where we lived and being at home with a tiny baby is quite isolating anyway. So, Facebook was a way of connecting to my old friends. Since then I've apparently had 85 profile pictures (and almost as many hair colours...) I've collated them all below going from most recent at the top, backwards to my mid-twenties and it's really interesting to see, especially my weight ups and downs over the years. And yes, I am holding a melon in the first one...don't ask...

This post has taken me literally hours to write because I've gotten lost in Facebook photos! What's your life in profile pictures like? Share with me if you decide to post it too!


PS I broke with tradition and didn't make last year's pumpkin a profile pic, but if you want to you can see it here!

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