Monday, 13 January 2014

Hare Polish A Positive - The perfect indie polish?


It's not often I blog about a polish while it's still on my nails, but today that's exactly what I'm doing because I am in LOVE! Hare Polish A Positive was my first ever indie polish lemming and I never thought I'd get my hands on it. Well, thanks to lots of patient sale page stalking finally I got it, and it was worth the wait! This polish is indie polish perfection. Different sized silver hexes in a raspberry red jelly base, great formula, the right amount of glitter, no sinking and no fishing to get the glitters out of the bottle. There are a lot of indie polish makers who could take note! I layered two coats over Barry M Pomegranate to conserve it, and stamped an accent nail with MoYou Sailor 03 and Barry M Silver Foil.

I actually have a couple of similar indie polishes, but if I was to destash this definitely would not be the one to go! What do you think? What constitutes a perfect indie for you?

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  1. It does look great with undies too, the jelly quality gives it a great look. I think I have some swatches over on my blog. I also have a soft spot for Warrior Ethos from Nerdlacquer

  2. This looks gorgeous -- I love the raspberry base! The stamping works great as an accent :)

  3. OMG, I have been lemming this polish for a month. I too am stalking the destash sales. Love it!


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