Thursday, 8 March 2012

Purple Crumpet Spring Challenge - Day 14, Pastel Skittle


You may recognise this as the base for my Cherry Blossom mani from day 6 or 7. It actually came about because I couldn't decide what base to use for the cherry blossoms, decided on a skittle then realised pastel skittle was a challenge later on. Two birds, one stone my friends. That's how I roll. These pics are without topcoat. Can you say shiny! Colour me impressed, especially with the lilac, which is 17 Lasting Fix Woo Me. For such a pale pale lilac it applied brilliantly, and it was less than 3 quid. bargain.

Lilac - 17 Lasting Fix Woo Me, Yellow - Rimmel I <3 Lasting Finish Fruities Lemon Drop, Blue, Peach and Green from Beauty UK Urban Girl set

Tomorrow's theme is Mr Blue Sky...stumped!

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