Friday, 16 March 2012

Purple Crumpet Spring Challenge - Day 19, Nest with birds eggs

I decided on some stamping for today's challenge. First I applied 2 coats of Barry M Blue Moon, then used my smallest dotting tool and 17 Supreme Shine in Moon Dust to make it look like speckled eggs. Topped this with a sparse coat of Fingerpaints Asylum (groovy flakies, you will be seeing these a lot!) and then I used Moon Dust again to stamp from fauxnad M64 to make the "nest".

I was going to add another coat of Blue Moon over the speckles, as it's a jelly, but decided on the flakies at the last minute. So, it was a little sheer and could have done with another coat of Blue Moon. The stamping hides the VNL quite well though! ;)

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