Wednesday, 14 March 2012

NOTD - Magnetic lurve

*LeGasp* a NOTD that's not part of a challenge! I have quite a few magnetic polishes now, but they all have the same wavy magnet. So I was placing a Born Pretty order and slipped a pink magnetic polish into my order. It came with a little magnet on a stick, with diagonal lines across it, which I was worried about using since I'm used to having the little "lip" to rest on my finger, but actually it was fine. And the magnet is strong! I find with my other magnets you have to hold it there a long time or the pattern kind of "slips" back into the polish, but with this the pattern jumped onto the nail immediately and stayed there. Fab. You can order Born Pretty magnetics here - don't be put off by the crackle pattern on the lid! I thought they'd sent me the wrong thing at first! I also got this Claires magnetic polish from my birthday club friend Alyssa B and decided to do an accent nail with it. It's really shimmery, almost glittery and I love it! It has a diagonal pattern magnet on the lid too, but spaced further apart than the BP one, so I used the BP magnet.

I LOVE these polishes! How shimmery is the silver! If all the Claires magnetics are like this I want MOAR! And how pretty is the BP one? So elegant. And it's called Blushingham Palace - how cute! I didn't wear top coat because it was a quickie mani, but I really didn't need it. Both polishes faired well and lasted a day of intensive laundry folding, dish washing and sock pairing - which usually kills polish within seconds - with just a little tipwear. Can't say fairer than that.


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