Saturday, 10 March 2012

Purple Crumpet Spring Challenge - Day 16, Spring Gradient

For today's Spring gradient I tried a ne technique, and surprisingly it didn't go wrong! I don't think I'm very good at sponging, and I wanted to use pinks which I have done a sponged gradient with fairly recently. I saw these spun sugar nails at Neverland Nail Blog and inspiration struck! It's really simple to do - just blob some polish out onto paper like you were going to dot with it (I use foil because the polish doesn't absorb into it), leave it to start to dry a little, mixing it with a dotting tool until those annoying strings start to form, then wrap them around your nails. It's not as messy as you'd think! Although it was quite awkward doing my right hand and I put my finger in the polish more than once... I used a bade of Collection 2000 French White (2 coats) then used Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream, Models Own Pink Blush and Barry M Shocking Pink for the gradient. You'll need a good thick topcoat afterwards.

You can see on the first two finger I hadn't let the polish go "stringy" enough before I started, so it went kind of blobby, but in person it didn't matter too much. Definitely going to do these again!

What do you think?

Now, I got super excited the other day when I realised it's almost my blogaversary! At the end of the month I will have been blogging for a whole year *LeGasp* I was planning an international giveaway for when I hit 300 followers, and it would be amazeballs if I could combine it with a blogaversary giveaway! So, tell you friends or something :) 20 followers by 23rd March, can it be done?

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  1. this turned out so fabulously !!! i saw Lindsey's post too, and didn't know if i could do it - defo trying now :) xxxx fab colour combo too xx

  2. This is sooo cute, going to look at the post now!!!

  3. Loooove this, I'm def trying out this technique!

  4. I love this color combo! good job!

  5. This is insanely cool! What an awesome idea!

  6. ooh I love this! What an awesome idea- I think I'll have to try it out sometime soon :)


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