Thursday, 8 March 2012

Goodbye GFC...

As my blog is hosted by Blogger, I didn't think I'd be much affected by the removal of GFC (Google Friend Connect) on March 1st - I wouldn't lose any followers at least (although I did add other ways to follow my blog into the sidebar just in case, if you're interested!) But I was affected, even though my blog wasn't. All of the blogs that don't use blogger as their hosting platform which I follow have vanished from my Blogger dashboard. Since this is the main way I read blogs I simply wasn't aware of new blog posts by some of  my favourite bloggers. And those bloggers have lost a lot of their readership.  So on behalf of all non-blogger blogs who have suffered the consequences of Google’s termination of service I am reposting this from the lovely Lipglossiping and Liloo/Tsunimee.

I am posting this today, exactly a week since Google withdrew GFC from non-Blogger blogs to spread the word! If you are a blogger whose blog has been affected by the loss of GFC, please get in touch with @lipglossiping on Twitter and she'll add you to the list. And even if you haven't been affected, check out the list and make sure you follow your favourite blogs in another way. I like to follow by email - blog posts directly to my inbox!

You can help by spreading the word too! Grab the image above and write a post about it!
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  1. thank you for your great post, helly xx

  2. Oh for fucks sake! What balls! I haven't officially started my blog yet, so I'm thinking I will change. Any recommendations?

  3. Oh, sorry about the swearing. I don't know if it's allowed in blog land. If it isn't I'm in big trouble...


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