Friday, 7 March 2014

Silky smooth


Sorry for the unauthorised absence, I've been under the weather again and black dogs are creeping in. I seem to be in a nail funk, but I got my grubby paws on two of Barry M's new Silk polishes and had to get them straight on my paws. I started with two coats of Mist, the blue, and then sponged on Heather on the tips. The glitter accent is two coats of UK indie Chubby Owl polish Candy Rain over heather, which I won in a giveaway on Chubby Owl's Facebook page (thanks Jemma!) This is such a me glitter! I stamped bows with Gals Fairy plate GA36 in Barry M Gold foil. They're tiny images but I think I lined up the double stamping quite well for a change! I'm sorry the pictures aren't good but I promise it was really pretty.

Have you tried any of the Silks? I want them all now!

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