Sunday, 2 March 2014

Adventures in stamping...sort of...


I haven't done an adventures in stamping Sunday challenge for a few weeks. And today I still haven't done one... You see, I had it in my tiny little mind that today's challenge was to use the colours purple and yellow. I got the purple bit right but the yellow turned out to be orange. So here's my totally awesome purple and yellow manicure that doesn't fit with the theme! Yay! I used some fab polishes to make up for it though, Illamasqua Blow, and Barry M Prickly Pear and Plum. Blow is pretty much my perfect yellow, it's thin but not too runny or streaky and although I only used one coat here as the base of my gradient I think it'd be opaque and good to go in two. And it doesn't make my hands look like I've been dead for a month. I stamped a mini cheater print using MoYou Pro 04 and Barry M Gold Foil.

Excuse the tipwear, for some reason that always happens to me with gradients. Bizarre! I promise I will concentrate more on next week's Sunday challenge!

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