Sunday, 30 March 2014

Adventures in Stamping - Grey-diant and roses


I love grey and pink together, and I've had this gradient swimming around in the "mani's I need to do" file in my brain for a while so as this week's Sunday Stamping theme was to combine stamping with another technique, I went for it. The grey to pink gradient consists of Sally Hansen Eel Skin and OPI Pink Friday and If You Moust You Moust. I topped my ring finger and thumb with OPI Pure (silver and white gold leaf topcoat) and stamped roses from MoYou Pro XL 10 in Barry M Silver Foil.

I feel like I've dine a lot of gradients lately, so many that I had to buy new make-up sponges! But it's such an effective technique, I can't stop!

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  1. Love this...I just did my second successful gradient, so I am feeling focused on the technique as well. I made an attempt last year and thought it was a mess...didn't know I needed to go over it more than once, and topcoat would make it better. So I gave up til last week, and just went for it. I've used holographic polishes both times, tho one each time had glitter. This was a neat effect the first time because it was the middle color. Last night it was the one I used at the base of my nail, so it was tough cleanup. I am still experimenting with clean up methods...first time just cotton swabs/acetone on most of the mess, then going in with a brush. This time I tried layering glue first on the skin for peel up/wash away....will keep at it to see what I prefer :)

  2. Gorgeous colour choice wow and the stamping looks great!! xx

  3. I love your manicure...


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