Thursday, 20 March 2014

GOT polish? Ruffles!


Today the Golden Oldie challenge prompt was ruffles. I didn't fancy a traditional ruffle mani, (where you use a dotting tool to create the ruffles, like I've done here) so instead I went for a lacy, ruffly stamping plate by Pueen. The base colour is Maybelline Color Show Red Grained, a matte finish polish with flakes of glitter which you can hardly see. I stamped with Konad white and left it without topcoat so to keep the matte effect.

The stamping's a bit messy, but I have the new Pueen Stamping Buffet plates to play with now (and a few new MoYous), so I hope to get my stamping mojo back!


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  1. Pretty! Looks like little doilies. :D

  2. Love your nails :) I've tagged you in the TMI tag only if you want to. Click the link for the questions xx

  3. Amazing and interesting nail art, darling.


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