Thursday, 6 March 2014

GOT polish - Skittles!


Today's Golden Oldie Thursday theme is skittles. Now, you know I love me a skittle, but these didn't quite turn out how I imagined. In fact, I nearly re-did them until I saw how the photos came out and they looked ok. I went for blue, and actually one of my oldest polishes in Barry M Blue glitter, on the accent nail. The other polishes I used were Orly Stone Cold, Barry M Cobalt and Avon Colour Trend Silver Plated (glitter on the pinkie). The patterns were freehanded with Barry M's silver nail art pen, which I wish was just a little bit more sparkly.

Not wowed by them, but they seemed to facinate my son's speech therapist who admired them for half an hour! Next weeks' GOT is going to be purple and I'm excited!


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