Tuesday, 31 May 2011

NOTD - Miss Sporty Pop Fiction

Hullo! My wish came true (for once) and we have some sunshine, which makes my dodgy photos slightly less less poo. Today I have to show you, at the request of Minty from Haute Laquer (check out her awesomesauce) another Miss Sporty polish. Most of the Miss Sporty's I've picked up are thick and highly pigmented, so they're good for stamping (although unfortunately the silver wasn't, but it's still pretty). I bought this one a while ago and it's been on my toes but not my fingers so I decided it's time had come! And then because I seem to be all about the accent fingers at the moment I used an un-named Image polish I got from Wilkinson over the ring fingers and thumb, then went back to the Miss Sporty (which is named on the website but not the bottle...) and stamped a little dolphin design from my Born Pretty Hello Kitty (I'm a poet and I didn't know it) plate. Here's how it came out.

First two in sunshine

 And two in shade to see the stamping a bit better.

Both polishes applied well, the Miss Sporty brush is great, flat and rounded and perfect for clumsy buggers like me. 2 thin coats, although 1 thick would be ok too. The Image polish I expected to sheer as tan tights so I layered it over 1 coat of the MS, but it actually wasn't too bad therefore I reckon 2 coats of that on it's own would be fine. Topped with Seche because I wanted it to dry quick and I can't find my NYC quick dry topper...

You may have noticed I'm trying a squarer shape on my nails (apart from my index which cracked vertically one day last week hence it looks like I was drunk when I filed it) and I really like it. I was wondering however, is this shape harder to maintain and more prone to breakage?

I was also wondering if you would be interested in seeing my etchings make-up collection? I'm about to re-organise it, hopefully sometime this week and although it's very modest compared to some I love seeing what other people own and would like to share mine too :)

Of course, tomorrow is Wednesday so this mani will be changed to something pink this evening I think. Maybe I'll just go for something plain for a while, as I have two important meetings over the next few days. But then again, I may not...

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Monday, 30 May 2011

NOTD - Wedding Nails

My bestest friend got married this Saturday just gone! I had such an amazing time, there was such a loving happy atmosphere to the whole day, it really was perfect. Congratulations Gem!

Anyway, here are some craptastic pictures of the manicure I wore for the day. I did this manicure at 10pm the night before, in a dim hotel room (dim because the kids were sleeping so we had to have the lights low) and I couldn't get the stamping to go right. I was happy with how it turned out, although I forgot to take any cotton buds with me, so I couldn't clean up very well.

The base colour is O.P.I Parlez Vous O.P.I? stamped with Miss Sporty Hip Pop, reversed on the ring finger and thumb. I stamped a butterfly design using one of my Born Pretty fauxnads and topped with Seche Vite. I wanted to do a full nail design but I was having trouble getting it to stamp properly.

I'm sorry the pictures are truly awful. I took the first one at the reception after a wee dram or two... then realising I didn't have many pics I took some this morning so there's tipwear etc.

And a sneaky pic of me and the bride, and another friend of ours (I'm in the asymetric dress). She looked exactly like a disney princess. Not how I would do it, but it suited her down to the ground. The weather was a bit dreary but it really didn't matter, the happy couple were surrounded by love and you truly could feel it. Ok, ok, I'll stop, put the sick bucket down!

I'm about to put together some flatpack furniture and then take this off. Thank you for your suggestions and requests for the contents of my untried drawer. I'm going to use two of the polishes for a mani this evening!

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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Manicures Mattefied

While you're reading this I will most probably be watching my best friend walk down the aisle! It should be me *sob*. Ahem, anyway...

If my manicure doesn't get completely destroyed after a day or so of wear (which is usually the case) I like switching it up a bit, usually by adding a topcoat. Matte topcoat is perfect for this because it dries mega fast and gives a really pretty finish, like softly frosted glass. Here are some of the manicures I've mattefied recently.

These are all manis I've posted, so you should be able to find them if you want, or ask if you want to know any of the polishes used :) Notice that the index finger is missing on most of them...guess which nail chips the most...

The matte TC is use is by Boots 17 Nail Xtras and I think it's priced around £3.99. There are lots of them on the market though, Rimmel do one, as well as E.L.F, and China Glaze, and I'm sure there are more.

One thing I've learned about matte TC's is that if your manicure has more than one colour you will need a good regular top coat before you use the matte one because it will smear otherwise. I learnt this when I mattefied my tiger print mani and it smeared even through a layer of Seche Vite. A TC is a good idea for durability anyway because the matte coat wont add any protection to your polish.

What do you do to make your manicures last longer? How quickly do you get bored? I must say my boredom threshold is veeery low these da...oh look, a kitty...

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Friday, 27 May 2011


So, while I've been on a no-buy I've been trying to go through all the untrieds I had in my collection. Well, I counted them up today expecting to have made a dent, but no, there are still 36 polishes I have bought and never tried. Thats about a third of my collection. So, here are some pictures of the polishes I have but have never tried and hopefully you can help me think of ways to use them. Some of them have been used in nail art, as part of a skittles mani or as a pedi, but never a full mani.

Please excuse the mess and the small child in the background...

(On the back row are glitters and top coats)

I know they're not great pictures, but you can get a fell for the colours I've picked up. If there are any you'd like to know the names of ask in the comments! But what I'd really like is some inspiration, to gear me into using these polishes before I buy more...I know my collection is pretty modest compared to some (98 polishes I think), but it's so naughty to buy more when I have these sitting untried in a drawer...

Is there anything you'd like to see? I'm up for pretty much anything...

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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Almost too gay to function...

Happy Pink Wednesday!

I recently got some nail art stickers free from Born Pretty Store and as soon as they arrived I knew they'd be perfect for a pink Wednesday :) If you haven't tried Born Pretty yet, well, why not? They have great products at great prices, often have competitions and give-aways, and FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING! I got my fauxnads from there, on sale for $1.55 each - that's about a pound in British money. They're about $3 now, but still pocket money prices, and you can get as much or as little as you like because there's FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING.

With this particular giveaway you could chose between Hello Kitty nail stickers or Chanel-looking ones. I'm not one for emblazoning a brand name all over my person, so I went for the cute kitty ones.

So, for this mani I used two coats of Barry M Strawberry Icecream as the base because I thought that would be the closest match I had to the colour of the stickers. It is a pretty good match, although I think the colour on the nail is a little cooler. But meh, I'm not fussy. Then to try to match the shimmery glitter on the sticker I added a coat of George at Asda Pink Glitz, a really pretty sheer shimmer, the particles in it almost look like teeny tiny flakies. In hindsight, I have another glitter topcoat closer to the glitter on the sticker, but I really like this George one and I hadn't used it, so now it can be moved from the untried box. Once that was dry (with the help of stinky Seche Vite) I used tip guides to add black french tips, then the stickers and another coat of Seche to seal it all.

Forewarning: In these pictures my cuticles are disgraceful, my skin is horrendous, I didn't clean up properly and because the baby isn't sleeping well (2am is not playtime) and had to be settled while it was drying there is fluff in there too. Also, I didn't realise until this morning but the seche dragged the tip colour a teeny bit so there are streaks. In other words, if you're of a sensitive nature and have just eaten lunch, don't look.

Index finger cropped out of shot because I broke it and it's wonky...

How super-awkward is it to take photos with your non-dominant hand?
Can just about see the wonky index. Grrr.
Products used L-R Sally Hansen miracle Growth, Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream, George Pink Glitz, Wet n Wild Shine Black Creme, Seche Vite.

So, that's my pink Wednesday for another week :) The wedding I'm going away to is on Saturday and I probably wont get time to change my nails until Friday night now, unless this mani gets completely disgusting then I'll do something simple tomorrow night. I'll schedule a post for Saturday, but wont be back until Monday! See you soon x
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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Playing with watermarbling...

I haven't posted a nail post in a few days because I had a major fail the other night and my nails have been a mess. I painted my nails with Barry M Indigo in preparation to try the silver Miss Sporty polish I got with stamping (more on that later) but then the baby woke up and had a screaming fit for an hour so the polish got dented and wrinkled and went yukky. I managed to salvage it good enough to stamp over the next day, but then the stamping failed. The Miss Sporty silver isn't as good as the other Miss Sporty polishes for stamping, it's too sheer. So I used the metallic lilac colour I have from their Clubbing Colours collection, which stamps really well, but because I'd already failed with the silver it turned into a big mess. So now I have naked nails until this evening when I'll do my pink Wednesday mani for tomorrow.

So, in the meantime, I thought I'd show you a relative success I had with watermarbling! I was just playing around and trying a few colours, not doing a full mani, so in these pictures I haven't cleaned up. My other excuse is that I thought you might like to see the perfect, and hilarious, watermarbling effect I got on my fingers by dipping them too far!

 Excuse the washing line in the background...
Colours used: Index China Glaze Agent Lavender, E.L.F Mod Mauve, O.P.I. Parlez ous O.P.I?; Middle O.P.I. Flower to Flower, Collection 2000 French White, Ring and Little Parlez ous O.P.I? and Agent Lavender

Considering what a huge fail I've had almost every other time I've tried this, I was impressed (doesn't take much...) I will do a full mani (or at least an accent finger) with a watermarble one day...

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Saturday, 21 May 2011

ABC of the Nail Newbie...

Hi guys,

I've seen this posted on a few blogs and it seemed like fun, so I'm joining in! Also I'm perpetually nosy, so please feel free to take part yourself!

A. Age: 
I'm 29, so big birthday coming up next year...

B. Bed size:
King. If my other half and I have to share a regular double we feel so crowded now.

C. Chore you hate:
Er, everything. I guess I hate washing dishes the most, because that's what chips my manicures the most.

D. Day:
When you're a stay at home Mummy, everyday is pretty much the same! I guess any day that the OH has off so we can do something together.

E. Essential start to your day:
Cuddles with my boys.

F. Favorite color:
Purple and blue, although there aren't any colours I dislike and wouldn't wear, in clothes or polish.

G. Gold or Silver:
Silver. I don't think gold suits my skintone and I very rarely wear any jewellery other than silver or white gold.

H. Height:

I'm a mini 5'2". And I rarely wear heels taller than a couple of cm so I'm definitely a shortass.

I. Instruments:
I can play clarinet and piano, although I haven't for years. I can also hold a tune if I do say so myself!

J. Job title:
Chief Slave (a.k.a mother)

K. Kids:

2 gorgeous, exhausting boys. Oliver, age 3 1/2 and Jake, age 10 months

L. Live:
In Bedforshire somewhere in between Luton, Bedford and Milton Keynes. But I'm originally from Sarf Landon, innit.

M. Mom’s name:
Elizabeth. If I ever have a pink baby Elizabeth will be her middle name.

N. Nicknames:
Helly, H, Hellyboo, Hellbell. When I was at primary school my nickname was Helen the Lemon. When puberty hit it changed to Helen the Melon. I'll leave the reason for that for you to figure out...

O. Overnight hospital stays:
A few. Three times when I was preggers with Ollie as my kidneys were giving up, then two more times when having each of the boys. A couple when I was a child for tonsils and stuff.

P. Pet peeve:
I have to admit I am a bit of a grammar nazi. I once considered making a twitter just to go around and correct people's grammar. I really don't get how people can't remember the difference between their, there and they're. Sorry.

Q. Quote from a movie:
"He did what in his cup?" Mater, Cars (You can tell I have young kids, quoting disney >.< )

R. Right or left handed:

S. Siblings:
I have two younger brothers. They'll always be my little brothers but they're 26 and 25 now, and both are at least a foot taller than me...trust me to get the midget gene.

T. Time you wake up:
Whenever the baby does. Sometimes 5.30, 6, 6.30, generally not later than 7 although this morning it wasn't until 7.15. Of course I was wide awake wondering why he hadn't woken up yet...

U. Underwear:
I haz it.

V. Vegetables you dislike:
Are avocados vegetables? I have a feeling they're not, but it's one of the few things I don't like, so avocados.

W. What makes you run late:
Kids needing a nappy change/wee/drink or not being able to find their hat/shoe/particular toy when I'm just about to go out of the door. Other than that, nothing much. I hate being late. HATE it, I get all flustered.

X. X-Rays you’ve had:
Um, I know I've sprained my wrist, and fractured my shin bone. I dislocated my hip so that was x-rayed, and got whiplash falling out of bed on a school camp once (yep, I fail that hard). So that's four. There's probably more, and I know I've had my teeth x-rayed too.

Y. Yummy food you make:
I usually like cooking. I make an awesome lasagne, and I can bake pretty good. I am quite proud of myself for the fact that neither of my boys has had a single jar of baby food, it was all hand made from scratch.

Z. Zoo:
We took Oliver to the zoo when he was about 6 months old. It was lovely, but expensive! We might go again for Jake's birthday in July. We live really close to Woburn Safari Park and Whipsnade Zoo, so other than the extortionate cost we really have no excuse not to go.

So that's it! If you're as nosy as me and have read this far, thanks! Now it's your turn so I can stalk find out more about you!

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Friday, 20 May 2011

Enamel Girl's anniversary giveaway and apology...

Just a quick note to let you know about Enamel Girl's anniversary giveaway There are two awesome prizes to chose from!
You have until June 10th to enter! Good luck!

I also have to hold my hand up and admit to a little whoopsie.  at My Nailz and Jen at Nail Polish UK have both said they have problems with commenting on my blog sometimes because of the captcha image. If I'm honest I didn't think I had the captcha turned on (when I comment I don't have to enter one, but obviously it's my own blog...). I thought I'd fixed it the other day, but apparently I hadn't, so now I turned the captcha off completely. So hopefully now you wont have any problems and you can comment to your hearts content! Please. Seriously, please comment. It makes me feel less lonely inside....

Joking aside *ahem* if you still get problems PLEASE let me know! My email is in the about me box or you can tweet me @HellBellUk

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NOTD - Barry M Nail Effects Blue

What with O.P.I bringing out their silver shatter and red and white ones with their Glam Slam (I think that's what it's called) collections, and 3 different blue shatters, they are everywhere at the moment. All the kewl kidz are doing it, so I thought I'd join them. Seeing as my (W7) silver shatter met my slate kitchen floor and it's untimely demise I went for Barry M Nail Effects in blue (they also do black, pink and white) over Rimmel I <3 lasting finish in Your Majesty. It took me an age to decide what to layer this over and swatched a couple of options on paper, only to find it looked disgusting over purple, not great over red and the contrast when it was over blue (Barry M cobalt) wasn't enough for me, so I went for silver. The shatter dries darker than it looks in the bottle, so as it's a mid-blue you either need a really dark blue or a really light one if you wanted an all-blue mani. this is base coat, 2 coats of silver, a coat of crackle and 2 of topcoat (NYC as Seche is giving me major headaches, and as the crackle dries quickly you don't need a quick dry TC, just a thick one to even it out a bit).

Broke my index and middle finger nails...well actually I hacked them with a potato peeler...
 The blue crackle has stained my cuticle a bit by the looks of it...
The formula on the Barry M is a little thinner than their black crackle, which is a good thing. It's easier to control and you get a little 'play time' before it dries completely so if you mess up you can (very quickly) go over it again with the brush while it's still wet. I thought I'd messed up my right index finger but I salvaged it. It dries matte, which I don't mind, but for lasting power I added TC, and so far today it's lasting well. I got some compliments on it at playgroup this morning too :) I really like this combo and hope it lasts a few days. It's a fairly quick mani to do, especially if you use a fast dry base colour, so after spending hours playing with stamping the last few days it was refreshing to just relax and still have a stunning mani.

I have another blog award to post about, and there's and ABC thing doing the rounds which looks like fun, so  see you soon!

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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

NOTD - Er, peachy nude Wednesday?

So I messed up. I thought this mani would come out more pink but it didn't. I guess I can't sit with you guys today...

3 coats of 17 Supreme Shine in Bared plus stamping from Born Pretty fauxnad M65 with E.L.F Mod Mauve (great for stamping btw), plus Seche Vite.

The rarely seen right hand...

My stamping non-skillz are getting better. Although I still can't get the flower pattern from M65 to stamp properly :( And I REALLY want to use it for the mani for the wedding I'm going to :(

One more thing, can anyone recommend a silver polish that's easily available in the UK and isn't too pricey that's good for stamping?

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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

New layout and awesome giveaway!

I'll be playing around with my layout/background over the next few days I think, time to get something a bit more related to polish and me! please feel free to comment and make suggestions!

Also, Spellbinding Nails is holding an awesome giveaway to celebrate 500+ followers, check it out here.

You can win the polishes pictured above, plus a ton of chez-delany stamping plates! Good luck!

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NOTD - Nubar 2010 french

Hi everyone,

I've sorted my laptop issues (for now) by plugging it into an external monitor. Kind of defeats the object of a laptop but it's better than nothing...

After the in your face bright polish I wore over the weekend yesterday I wanted something more subtle. I decided to go for a french mani, but used Nubar 2010 as the top coat for a bit of sparkle. I love how it turned out :)

I applied my basecoat (Sally Hansen Maximum Growth) and let it dry completely before using nail tip guides to mark off the tips (I got mine from ebeast for about £2 for 400, but most french manicure kits come with a few). Mine are very sticky and even though I put them on my trousers first to take off some of the stick, it still pulled my basecoat up on a couple of nails, so I did another coat of base before adding 2 coats of 2010.

I think it's a very understated look, and a perfect palate cleanser. I will definitely do this again sometime, using the various topcoats I've accumulated whenever I need a break from tons of colour!

I will, however, be going back to colour tonight as tomorrow is Pink Wednesday and I'm getting the fauxnads out again! By the way, does the word "fauxnad" make anyone else snigger a bit? No? Just me then....

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Monday, 16 May 2011

Funky tiger

Argh I just smashed the screen on my laptop! I actually cried a little bit out of frustration.as you can imagine with two into~ everything kids the poor laptop has taken a bit of a beating; it's already had a new screen once and a new keyboard, there are bits falling off and only one of the 3 usb ports works, and the media card slot doesn't work at all.maybe it's time for a new one...
Any way, hopefully my other half can rig it up to a normal monitor tonight and normal service will be resumed. Until then I'll leave you with a pic of the
French tips I added to my tiger~y mani, straight from my phone so it's unedited I'm afraid.
I hope this works, I'm not au fait with this phone yet...
Until later, I hope...

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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Gilded Nails 1500 (!) follower giveaway

I think you all know by now that I am DESPERATE for any sort of holographic polish. Anything will do, really. But they are all WAY out of my price range sadly :( I'm still hoping to find a long forgotten GOSH holographic at the back of Superdrug one day...

Anyway, Gilded Nails is celebrating 1500 followers and giving away 3 great prizes, one of which is a brand new, complete set of the hard to find China Glaze OMG collection! Literally OMG! If I won this I think I'd have a permanent boner (yes ok, I'm a girl, not technically possible yada yada...)

If you want a chance to get your hands on it, you can enter here, and promise you'll share with me if you win?!


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NOTD - semi-successful Konad YAY

On Friday night I painted my nails with a bright coral Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours polish (they have numbers not names and I can't find the bottle now to tell you the number *insert rolling eyes smiley*). The polish applied well, two coats sorted any streakyness, although the second coat dragged a little, but that may have been impatience on my part. It is sooo pigmented so very thick, but not gloopy and it has a great brush so that I could cover my nails in one or two strokes. LOVE these polishes. I with they did more colours. My camera kinda freaked out a bit at the colour, but the direct sun pic is most colour accurate.

 Direct sun, wowzers

I loved the colour and I think it actually suited me, but I wanted so badly to do a mani with a full nail stamp and thought it would make a great base. I used my Born Pretty fauxnad plate M69 and the animal print pattern (not sure which animal - zebra? tiger?) with Wet N Wild Shine Black Creme. 

Now, just a warning, I know probably most of you will think this is a big ole fail, and there are elements I know need improving. I missed the edges on a couple of nails, there are a few bare patches, where I double stamped on the thumb it doesn't quite line up and it's a bit smudgy on the right hand (not shown). BUT I guess yesterday I was in a glass half full kinda mood and it's a hellovalot better than anything I've managed before! And you really can't tell from a distance...

Do you like how I matched the watermark HA!

I used a little trick I blogged about here and it's seems to have helped. I didn't want to ruin my stamper so just ran a blunt-ish emery board over it lightly a few times and it picked up the polish so much better. I tried using the Wet n Wild Black Creme with another stamp and it didn't work then, but there were only a couple of times that the image didn't pick up while doing this. So now I just need to practice! I'm going to wedding in a few weeks and I'd like to stamp a floral pattern over O.P.I Parlez-vous O.P.I? in silver for it, so I'll give that a go next.

I chipped the index fingers moving furniture around yesterday so I either need to take it off or modify it somehow today...black tips maybe?

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Saturday, 14 May 2011

My first blog award!

This means so much to me! I'd like to thank my Mother, my agent, my cat....and Lenae from Lenae Nails for giving me this award! if you haven't seen Lenae's blog, go and check it out NOW!

So now I'm meant to tell you 7 things about myself...let's see if I can come up with 7 interesting things about me...

1. I have two boys, Oliver (3 1/2) and Jake (10 months), a cat called George and a fiance. I consider that to add up to 4 children lol
2. My fiance and I have been together for 9 years and engaged for 6, so I doubt we'll be getting married anytime soon :(
3. Since I left home at 18 (11 years ago) I have lived in 4 different counties (London, Devon, Cornwall and Bedfordshire) and 7 different houses. That's a lot of moving around!
4. I have diabetes and have had to inject myself with insulin 4 times a day and take ginormous amounts of tablets for the last 10 years. But they're keeping me healthy so I can't complain!
5. I studied Drama and English Literature at university, and then trained to be a Primary School Teacher. I don't work at the moment but maybe I'll go back to it one day.
6. I HATE housework and will do anything to avoid it - it's not good for the nails you know...
7. Finally, I once hugged my postman when he bought me a particularly good nail mail....

I am going to award two UK nail bloggers this one. I love reading posts from all around the world, but it's frustrating when you can't get the lovely polishes available in Europe or the States :( So, this award goes to:

Lydia at Colour Me Pretty
Jenni at bats About Nail Polish

Have a great day everyone :)

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Friday, 13 May 2011

Lovely In Lacquer's awesome 100 follower giveaway and Polish Infatuated Thank You/Sorry giveaway!


Want to win this little lot? Visit Lovely In Lacquer to enter!

*drools more*

Polish Infatuated recently made it to 300 followers! To say thank you (and apologise for a hiatus) she is hosting an awesome giveaway open until the 20th May.

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Naked Nails 12-05-11

I enjoy seeing other people's naked nails (maybe it's the pervert in me) so I thought I'd share mine! They are slowly getting better and much stronger. They peel less and I've not had any major breakage in a while (touching everything wooden that I possibly can). So here they are:


This was after shaping and buffing, and cuticle oil. Any hints on how to get them looking better?

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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Girl World had a lot of rules...

...so here is my very girly manicure for this week's Pink Wednesday!

 Sorry for the grainy pics, no sun today.

I used Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream (2 coats, still some VNL which is annoying me now so next time I'll do three) as the base, then dotted the flowers on using a pin head and Barbara Daly Think Pink and Barry M Yellow. Topped with Seche Vite because the baby wanted feeding, although I didn't leave it long enough because there are bits of fluff stuck into it...

To be honest I wasn't in a great mood when I was doing this manicure, I had a pig of a day and actually had another mani planned, until I dropped my silver shatter polish (thankfully not and O.P.I or anything, but still) onto my slate kitchen floor and it, well, shattered. Not happy. And since I'm on a no buy I can't get another one :( Woe is me blah blah blah. Any one got any tips for getting nail polish off of slate?

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Monday, 9 May 2011

NOTD - Pink Spice Ruffian

Last night I turned my Pink Spice Mani into a Ruffian using W7 Pewter and french tip guides, to cover up some tipwear and a few small chips. I know you don't have to use guides but I thought I'd get a better result if I did, especially as the brush for my Pewter is bent :( I don't know if it's hitting the bottom of the bottle or something. Obviously I used the tip guides upside-down at the cuticle then did one coat of Pewter, removed the tip guide as I did each nail and then topped with Seche Vite (which I am using sparingly these days because it gives me a headache, but I had to last night because I needed a wee ;) ) Hope you like it!

Bent brush :(

I'm hoping this lasts until tomorrow evening, but knowing me it probably wont lol

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Sunday, 8 May 2011

NOTD - Accessorize Pink Spice - pic heavy!

One of my finds from yesterday. I love this polish and think it is amazeballs, despite a few flaws...

Pictures first though:

I tried to show the yummy duo-chrominess but when I went outside to take the pics the sun went behind a big cloud *shakes fist*. I also took a little "nails in motion" video then I thought it might look a bit dumb, but if you'd like to see it let me know in the comments and I'll think about it lol. I hope you can see it, it goes from pink to purple to red to bronzey orange.

Now the bad bits. 3 coats and still some patchiness, although that may well be me. But I know it's also in part due to the brush, thin and short and very annoying to hold because of the round top. And I chipped the thumb making toast this morning. Yes, making toast.

It's meant to be a dupe for MAC Bad Fairy if that interests anyone. To me, it's crying out for some kind of nail art, possibly a stamp. But as it's already chipped I might Ruffian it later...

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