Friday, 4 October 2013

33 Day Challenge day 6 - texture with OPI Tiffany Case!

Hello day 6!

Today's prompt was texture, and I knew immediately what I was going to do for once! But, as I often find, when you've got a sure fire idea it all goes wrong...anyway, the end manicure didn't turn out too bad! I started with 2 coats of OPI Tiffany Case from their Liquid Sand collection. I don't often splurge on full-size OPI but this was just so pretty I treated myself! Once that was dry (it takes longer than you'd think and I dented it several times...) I stamped a white bow on the middle finger (from Konad M59) and some gems (from Nailz craze NC04) on the rest, imitating a real Tiffany and Co. box and the sparkly goodies inside - a girl can dream, right? No topcoat, it's all about the texture today! Although I imagine with topcoat the polish would be even more super sparkly!

Pretty, right? Well it was a pain to get it that way! First off, I kept dinging the polish. I would think it was dry enough, then look down and realise I'd knocked it on something. Then, once it really was dry I started the stamping, chosing my normal stamper instead of my squishy because the head of the squishy is white and I didn't think I'd be able to see the white polish I stamped the bow with (turns out you can...). Couldn't get my normal stamper to work without smudging. Blah. Also, I first tried to stamp the gems in silver but it didn't show up well enough. I spilled acetone everywhere while cleaning up, melting my favourite scraper. Yep, melted! You might also notice that this is my right hand, because it actually turned out better! Catalogue of errors! Worth it? I guess ;)


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