Wednesday, 2 October 2013

33 Day Challenge day 5 - Mexican


Please excuse me if I ramble a bit today, I'm delirious with flu and trying to organise a 6 year old's birthday. Don't you just love it when they change their minds? Anyway, onto the nails and today's theme is Mexican. Well, to me that either means fajitas or sugar skulls, so I went for the latter. I created my cute little sugar skull  accent with some fimo flowers and a bow, an upside-down heart rhinestone for the nose and used a dotting tool and striper for the mouth. I stamped some flowers on my index finger and used Darling Diva Polish Sugar Rush over black on the rest. Here's how it came out.

Not sure how I feel about these. Cute? Childish? Silly? I'm glad I only did a sugar skull accent!

If I survive the birthday tomorrow, I'll be back on Friday with some texture!


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  1. I like the sugar skull! I think it's cute!
    I hope you feel better soon.

  2. I like them, they are cute! Hard work if you'd chosen to do them on all your nails though!

  3. I love the nail design! I didn't know that skulls represented MExico, it's good to learn something new.

  4. Okay, that skull on your ring finger just makes me smile. The whole mani is very nice, but that skull...absolutely love it. :)


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