Monday, 21 October 2013

33 Day Challenge day 13 - Chinese

Monday, bloody Monday...

Today's theme is Chinese and I have to admit today I took the easy way out, albeit unintentionally. I had planned a red and gold Chinese skittlette, with a bit of stamping, a bit of freehand, some glequins and some glitter but I got a bit carried away with the stamping! I sat down to stamp the first nail, and liked the look of it. So I stamped the next nail, and the next. Before I knew it I had a full stamped mani and my glequins were left in the pot. At least I like it! The base is the perfect A-England Percival and it's stamped with Barry M Gold foil and an unnamed Essence plate.

I really love the combination, and will have to remember Percival looks this good with gold for some Christmas manis ;)


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1 comment:

  1. Lovely mani! I like the classic red and gold look for Chinese designs.

    Chester :)


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