Friday, 11 October 2013

33 Day Challenge day 9 - Indian!


Todays theme was Indian, and it took me a while to narrow down my options. My initial idea was to do some Mehndi henna designs on a nude base (I love Mehndi, and often used to draw trails of ivy up and down my arms in henna when I was a teenager...maybe I was a bit odd...), then I thought I would do some vibrant sari inspired patterns in rich pinks and golds, and then I started thinking about Native American Indian instead and my mind was made up.

I love dream catchers and I have had one over my bed since I was a little girl (my Mum might have been a bit of a hippy), and they're traditionally used in Native American cultures, woven around a willow hoop and decorated with sacred items such as beads and feathers. I decided on a dream catcher accent, with some Ikat print and feathers in turquoise and pink. I LOVE this mani. I cannot stress how pleased I am with it (especially when you compare it to my first dream catcher attempt) and I will be sad when it is time to take it off. I used Sally Hansen Instadry Jade Jump and Speedy Sunburst, Barry M Matte White and Models Own black nail art pen, and added a little glitter to the dream catcher with a Sinful Colour glitter striper.

I hope you love it as much as I do! For once everything just came together :)


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